Lemons Must Die!

I got into Game Development when there was still a path from test into design or programming, back in 1999. While not a T-Rex yet I’ve been around a while. For years I was a self taught programmer until I went back to school in 2005. One of the best decisions I ever made, and followed through with. I didn’t know anything about Object Oriented Programming or Abstract Data structures until then, let alone Artificial Intelligence. My first job as a programmer was in 2006 and that is where the real learning began.

I go back to 1999 making levels in Unreal, but didn’t start scripting it as a modder until 2007. In school I did most all of my projects in Unreal 2007 and I did several contracts on UDK projects when it released in 2009. In 2012-13 I worked on a training game for the FBI using Unreal Engine 3 as a licensee, and since have worked on several small projects in UE4 as well as a contract doing GUI programming on Borderlands the Pre-Sequel / Borderlands 2 port to PS4 which was in Unreal Engine 3.

I have experience in programming outside of Unreal Engine, but am planning to keep this blog to just C++ if it’s not a direct Unreal post.

I have wanted to write a blog for some time and had a hard time focusing it. The intent isn’t to be purely on Unreal Engine 4, but since it’s the engine I currently use the most, and only Unreal Engine 3 do I maybe know better many of the posts will be on it.

Leave comments if there are sections you’d like more detail in. I’ve tried to find a balance to present things for a programmer with Intermediate knowledge of UE4.

My resume is available upon request: mikegpurvis@gmail.com

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